Ceramic coating is a heat barrier designed to keep the heat inside the exhaust stream for best thermal efficacy. Ceramic coating will also help with corrosion resistance which will make parts looking their finest while still offering a performance responsibility.

On turbocharged engines, ceramic coating can help lower spool-up times and will lower temperatures under the hood for better performance.

SoCal Porting Uses Cerakote Ceramic Coatings which can withstand temperatures over 2,000 °F. Cerakote Ceramic Cotings is the industry leaders in ceramic coating so you can be well assured you will be getting top-of-the-line ceramic coatings and best application methods.

Corvette exhaust manifold


Ceramic coating can be applied to any exhaust piping, turbochargers housings and much more.


We also offer thermal dispersant coatings that will act as a radiator or intercooler which helps remove heat from the parts its applied to. We can apply this coating to intake manifolds or any part you want to stay cool.

IMG_20151203_172238726_HDR (1)
Genesis 2.0T heat dispersant
3.8 Hyundai intake manifold
Subaru TGV delete


Different colors are available upon request!