All of SoCal Porting’s turbochargers come with a 1-year limited warranty pertaining to manufacturer defects. This does not extend to under performing issues. (Please verify that you have the proper wastegate actuator for the turbo).

We cannot and will not warranty a turbocharger for any issues associated with an oiling system malfunction, this includes spun engine bearing material entering the turbo or lack of oil supply to the turbocharger. If you tamper or alter the turbocharger you will void warranty. If you tamper with the turbo before sending it in for inspection, you will VOID warranty.

Warranty will not cover neglect, faulty installation or physical damage during installation.

We also do not cover damage due to a foreign object.

We always offer free turbocharger inspections and can tell you why your OEM turbocharger failed. Once noted, you will need to fix the issues related to the failure or the warranty will be VOID.

Warranty is non-transferable.

Please be advised that if you let your turbo sit around for months without proper lubrication, the seals will go out. This is negligence and will not be covered under warranty. Please plan your install accordingly.

International Shipping will not be covered under any circumstances, even if it is related to warranty.

Domestic Shipping will not be covered if the repairs are not under warranty.