1. Thoroughly clean out any oil supply lines to the turbocharger and oil coolers.
2. Change the engine oil and use a high-quality engine oil for turbocharger break-in. 40wt oil, or thicker is recommended for our performance turbochargers.
3. Install the turbocharger and attach all bolts, lines, oil supply, etc. but DO NOT START THE CAR!!! AND DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES USE ANY TYPE OF SILICONE SEALANT ON THE OIL SUPPLY LINE!!!
4. Prime the oil system by cranking the engine over (WITHOUT STARTING IT) for 10-15 seconds, and repeat this step 3-5 times minimum. There are many ways to make sure that your car will not start, you can unplug the coil wire on vehicles with distributor-style ignition, or on vehicles with direct fire ignition, you can disconnect the coil packs, or the ignition relay. It is VERY important that your car DOES NOT START while pre-oiling the turbo.
5. After you have completed the above step you can start the car and allow it to IDLE ONLY.
6. Allow the vehicle to idle for 10-15 minutes without applying any throttle. Even at idle, the turbo can be spinning at as much as 28,000 RPM’s on certain models. Use this time to check for any loose fittings, hoses, exhaust leaks, and to bleed the cooling system of any trapped air.
7. After idling the car as prescribed above, you may then begin to drive the car. Make every attempt to limit boost for the first 100-200 miles.

*For our performance line of journal bearing turbochargers, a upgraded oil feed line and Banjo bolt is needed to prevent oil starvation.

*For Subaru vehicles you must remove any AVCS banjo bolt filters to avoid oil starvation. Subaru TSB, “Turbocharger Oil Supply Mesh Screen #02-103-07”

All of SoCal Porting’s turbochargers come with a 1-year warranty. Please see warranty page for information.